CLICK is a super-marketplace app that allows anyone and everyone to buy, sell, and promote the digital content they love on social media, without any extra steps.

CLICK users can discover content right where they already are – in existing social media apps – as well as in the CLICK app. CLICK makes it easy to discover, buy, and sell all content you can see, with intelligent defaults and streamlined checkouts. Any time someone purchases content on CLICK, the purchase is secure and the content is fully attributable to its rightful creator. Content purchases are highly secure as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) recorded on the GreeNFT™ blockchain and settled on Polygon.

CLICK is currently in development as a Beta app. Join our waitlist to be the first to try CLICK when it is released to a select group of Beta testers we call the ‘Beta Bunch!’

The CLICK community is for anyone and everyone – big or small followership, engaged and passive social media enthusiasts, and folks that want to support their favorite artist and can see a new star rising. 


Creators on CLICK are users that bring their digital art, in any form, to CLICK. This could be photography, graphic design, dance videos, tutorials, performances, memes, jokes, or anything else. The only requirement is that the content must be created by the individual that initially shares it to CLICK. We do not tolerate fakes and scams!


Promoters are any CLICK users that like, comment on, and share content they love. When someone engages with content, they are signaling to everyone else that they think the content is worthwhile and in that way, they are promoting it to others. What makes social media great is all the small ways the billions of users engage with content. We believe the time and attention given to great content should get rewarded.


Collectors are CLICK users that purchase content. Often, collectors love a piece of content and want to keep it as a part of their collection in their digital CLICK wallet <link to wallet question>. Collectors may also decide to trade the content they own with other collectors and traders on CLICK when they believe the value of the content has increased.

CLICK welcomes any type of digital creator – graphic artists, dancers, meme creators, cartoonists, and many others. Fans across the world are realizing the value of creator content on the internet and are showing tons of interest in supporting creators big and small, new and old. With CLICK, you can easily share the work you post on social media to be sold on CLICK to your fan base. You also decide how that work is licensed when it is sold to a buyer and any royalties you would receive from future sales. When your work is purchased, by default CLICK will transfer decentralized control of the original content from you to the collector automatically and you will receive payment right in your CLICK wallet or your Stripe account <link to wallet question>.

The blockchain is a digital decentralized ledger, meaning that it tracks information digitally across thousands of computers across the world rather than on one central machine or location. When new information is submitted to the blockchain, the network of thousands of computers first verify that the information is correct and then records that information permanently. Once it’s recorded, it cannot be altered or modified. 

CLICK records transactions between users on the Polygon Blockchain.

NFT stands for “non-fungible token”. It is a digital asset that is completely unique. “Non-fungible” means that it is something that is one-of-a-kind and cannot be replaced by something else. “Token” means it is a digital record that can be tracked and recorded on a blockchain. NFTs can be a wide variety of digital assets, including unique content. CLICK manages the buying and selling of digital content as an NFT because it allows anyone and everyone to see who owns the content without dispute. It gives the buyers and sellers ultimate transparency of the content’s authenticity and ownership.

Powered by the GreeNFT blockchain, CLICK automatically mints an NFT for each item of content posted to social media, creating instant supply in our marketplace. CLICK also records and verifies all social media engagement (likes, comments and shares) on chain as well via GreeNFT.

Nope! On CLICK, you have a choice. You can buy and sell content just like you would anything else you’d buy online, using your local currency. As a collector, you can make purchases using a credit card and as a seller, you can get paid in your own currency. 


CLICK will also eventually allow you to make transactions using cryptocurrency, including the marketplace’s upcoming native currency: $CLICK.

CLICK applies multi-factor authentication to protect your wallet and sophisticated fraud detection to protect buyers and sellers. CLICK utilizes a zero-knowledge architecture, meaning we store the absolute minimum amount of data about you and your transactions to deliver the best user experience.

As the content creator, you have full control over your content before you sell it. You can list content for sale (or not), determine the list price, the license type, and any royalties on future sales. In the app Settings, you can set defaults to automate how your content is listed and make adjustments for individual pieces of content. 


The license type refers to how you, as the creator, want the content to be owned and used by others. Royalties is a percentage of future sales that a creator receives when a purchase is made. 

CLICK plans to support all social media platforms. Initially, CLICK will work with Instagram. You can hit the three dots on the top right of an Instagram post and share it to the CLICK app to see if the content is already available on CLICK or send the creator a notification that they should list it on CLICK. 

Check out our roadmap for an idea of additional platforms we will expand to in the near future.

Each user account on CLICK is automatically assigned a self-custody wallet, which serves as digital storage for the currency you use to buy and sell on CLICK, as well as the content you own. Individual users have full control over their wallet and the contents of their wallet. CLICK cannot change, add or remove anything from your wallet. Only you can.


Once a transaction has been made from one user’s wallet to another, the currency and digital content is exchanged between the users permanently. All CLICK transactions are recorded on the Polygon Blockchain, which are irreversible and public. Anyone can verify that the exchange of value was made for each transaction and see who owns the value and the digital content after the transaction is complete.

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